Monday, 5 November 2012 8:17 |Tesfamichal Woldu

On September 22, 2012, ARABSAT took EBS (ETHIOPIAN BROADCASTING SERVICE) off the air without any warning or notice due to alleged deliberate jamming of satellite signals from Eritrea.

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information reached out to ARABSAT and requested EBS to be removed from the platform, alleging “EBS’s destructive content consciously targets Eritrea and attempts to instigate conflict.”

Apart from these groundless and generalized allegations cited herein, it did not point to a specific instance of any wrongdoing by EBS. EBS worked vigorously to address any and all concerns raised by ARABSAT to no avail.

Since EBS is purely an entertainment channel, which does not foray into politics, EBS believed the allegations in the letter lacked credibility and advised ARABSAT as such. Despite EBS’s best efforts, ARABSAT unilaterally took EBS off the air a second time in late October, again without notice. EBS has begun plans for re-launch on a different satellite platform.


EBS TV Now available on Eutelsat 7W

Starting November 1, 2012 EBS is now available on Eutelsat 7W. We apologize to our viewers for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Viewers that have experienced interruption of our transmission in the Middle East and Africa can now reposition their Satellite dish to Eutelsat 7W, same direction as Nilesat, and can continue to enjoy their favorite EBS Shows once again.

Downlink Frequency Parameters  :

Satellite : E7WA

Transponder : A05

Orbital Position : 7 Degree West

Frequency : 10815

Polarization : H (Horizontal)

Symbol Rate : 27500

FEC : 5/6

EBS has increased its viewership to 20 million within two years of launching on ARABSAT, and has become the " # 1 Choice TV Station" to our viewers around the Globe. We intend to continue our excellent programming and customer service that has made EBS " The # 1 - TV Station" for many of our viewers around the world. For our viewers in North America you can get EBS on Galaxy 19, Frequency 12177.

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